Chicago 2014 GTG

Chicago 2014 – GTG (Aug 16)

A few Chicagoland folks got together for a listening session on Saturday, August 16th at the Daystar School in the South Loop, Chicago. This was more of an informal gathering as we had no sponsors, no competitions and no door prizes. So we can’t exactly call it a DIY Audio event, but it certainly was a nice GTG (get together). A special shout out to Mike P. for arranging the listening space and to Chuck M. for putting together a kick-ass front end system for the day. Many thanks to everyone who came out and brought something for show & tell.

For the speaker evaluations/comparisons we used the demo track in the first preview box. We also did an amp comparison and for this we used the high resolution demo track in the second preview box. Feel free to check them out. Just FYI – if you download the amp demo, it’s almost 176mb, so it might take some time on a slower connection.

After spending some time in the listening space, it’s obvious that it can be used for a full-fledged Chicago DIY. This is something we will be looking into for 2015. For now, here are some pictures from the get together.