InDIYana 2017

The 2017 InDIYana DIY Audio show – April 7th & 8th – Hampton Inn Ft Wayne

PETT Forum – post show: HERE


From Ben “Wolf” Shaffer – the host of the show:

The tracks for the house-disc were as follows, as well as the reasons for the choices:

1. Pink Noise (-20dB level); (This was taken from InDIYana 2016 house disc.)
2. Phil Collins – ‘In the Air Tonight’ from Face Value on Audio Fidelity records; (Matt and I separated the voice coil formers from the spider on a pair of RS125-4 in my Stances a few years back.)
3. Shawn Mullins – ‘Twin Rocks, Oregon’ from Soul’s Core on SMG Records; (Matt wanted this on last year’s disc, but we just ran out of room. Made it on there this year.)
4. Cathy Dennis – ‘Just Another Dream’ from Move to This on Polydor Records; (I can’t count how many times I heard this at Matt’s place. Seemed very befitting to me.)
5. Prince, the Revolution – ‘Sometimes it Snows in April’ from the soundtrack to Under the Cherry Moon on Paisley Park Records; (It snowed, sleeted, shown the sun, and rained on InDIYana 2016. Amy told Matt, ‘I guess Prince was right’, to which he replied, ‘Huh?’ She played it for him since he’d never heard it (rare), and he liked it rather well.)
6. David Bowie – ‘Rebel Rebel’ from Diamond Dogs on Rykodisc; (DD was Matt’s favorite Bowie album, and he was a big fan. This was the only track on the album I felt we could use, though poorly recorded, and the only one I could stand. I found out how much of a fan I am not, but Matt knew that.)
7. Blue Man Group – ‘Persona’ from The Complex on Lava Records; (We needed a low bass cut that really dove and rumbled. While this was mine, Matt did like what I played for him from it in the past.)
8. Jennifer Warnes – ‘I Can’t Hide’ from The Hunter on Private Music; (Matt loved the drum rolls and triangle and stuff in this piece, and he loved playing Jennifer when I was over because I liked it so much. It was a translatable reference from my system to his.)
9. Kansas – ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ from Leftoverture (Reissue 2001) on Legacy/Epic; (Matt gave this to me at some point last year, and the remaster was really well done. Another one from his large collection.)


Producer: Shawn A.

1: Nightshift – The Commodores
2: In The Still of the Night – Boyz II Men
3: Montana – Venus Hum
4: Ashokan Farewell – from the album Songs of the Civil War
5: 8:16 – 311
6: Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (from The Dance)


THE PICTURES – Many thanks to Bill S. for his fine photography work!


The Nanotech competition pics – photo creds to Bill S., as usual.  Thanks Bill!! Incidentally, Bill won the competition with his Plumber’s Delight project.