Life is too precious and too short to be scouring the web for fragmented DIY Audio tidbits.  MAC was created to centralize and organize Midwest DIY Audio event info, news and multimedia, affording our visitors a little extra time to pour into that next DIY project.

Your Hosts:

Bryan Keane, Johnny Richards (JR) and Jason Petrasko

Bryan Financial Services geek by day and DIY guy whenever he has a chance. Built his first set of speakers in 1978 and has been dabbling ever since in various aspects of DIY Audio including custom speakers, boom boxes and car audio systems. He has a scary love for music and does music editing and mixing in his spare time. Bryan ran a mobile DJ service for 10 years, played drums for a while, and produced a college radio talk show for WLUW – Loyola University many moons ago. A lifelong Chicagoan, Bryan is a die-hard White Sox fan and resides with his family on “da South Side” of Chicago.

JR:  Has been involved in DIY audio for over two decades, and is well known on the various audio forums. He has had his work published,  and his designs have received wide-spread recognition for their originality, value, technical documentation and sound quality. JR has also produced several well-received design tutorials targeted at those who are just entering the hobby or are looking into starting their own design work. Outside of speaker building yet still audio related, JR dabbles in live music recording and mastering, acts as a part-time sound engineer and music lyric writer. His life outside of audio consists of enjoying time with his family and dogs, experimenting in the kitchen, and all of the other aspects that make life so rich.  He strongly advocates the sentiment of  “DIY for the sake of DIY”.

Jason:  An avid sound and computer geek, Jason has spent the last two decades in store-level retail. After graduating high-school he spent two years pursuing a degree in electrical engineering before realizing that career isn’t something he aspired too. He now spends most of his free time balancing the time-consuming hobby of designing and building speakers with that of computer programming. Somehow amidst this demanding hobby work he can still often be found enjoying whiskey and a wide range of music.