Jeff Bagby Software

Jeff Bagby’s Loudspeaker Design Software

These loudspeaker design tools are Microsoft Excel based programs. Versions are available for .xls (Excel 97-2003) and .xlsm (Excel 2007 & 2010). It is recommended that the Excel add-in: Analysis Toolpak be installed for full function of the programs. To read a detailed description of each program click on the name below. This will take you to the description and download page. Software hosted at Charlie’s Audio Pages.

Passive Crossover Designer  –  Design passive crossovers and equalization networks.

Woofer Box and Circuit Designer  –  The most accurate Sealed, Vented, and Passive Radiator modeling tool available – Complete with amplifier modeling and the ability to include room and baffle effects in the response.

Frequency Response Modeler and Phase Extractor  –  Applications for manipulating FRD files in many ways.

Baffle Diffraction and Boundary Simulator  –  Baffle-step (diffraction) and room gain modeling.

FRD Blender and Minimum Phase Extractor  –  (co-written with Charlie Laub) Blend low and high regime FRD files and add in diffraction response. Add tails to response, and then generate the minimum phase wide-band response.