Show Info

DATE/TIME:  October 18/19

Best Western Premier Ankeny Hotel

October 18 – Informal listening sessions 4pm-10pm

October 19 – Formal show

*Setup: 8:00am
*Show Start: 9:00am
*Show End: 5:00pm
*Teardown till 6:00pm

SOME GUIDELINES (This will be updated as we get closer to the date, so pop in frequently and look for updates).

Similar to past events, the rules are simple.

At the formal event we will be strictly enforcing the fifteen minute rotations. You are obligated to play our entire five minute house demo, and up to five minutes of your own selections. The rest of the time slot will be used for brief Q&A, set-up, and teardown. The house track and your demo will be preloaded into a digital front end so you need not worry about loading a CD transport, searching for tracks, etc.

We will upload your 5min demo prior to the show. Please bring your music on a CD or USB drive and Jason will transfer the file to the digital front end. Terrified about the idea of cutting your own demo? Not to worry. Check out JR’s: Audacity – A Music Editing Tutorial. Still freaked out about the demo production process? Not to worry – just reach out to us and we’ll help. We can even supply a demo for you.

If you wish to fill out evaluation cards etc, please be sure to respect each other and only offer them to someone on request.

Of course, keep chatter to a minimum during playback, put your phones on silent or vibrate, and as a spectator please respect the time slots by keeping your questions brief and to the point – there will be plenty of time for more in-depth discussions before, after and even during the show.

That’s all for the formal show!

Questions?  Email us here – Email IowaDIY

Looking forward to another great DIY Audio show!!