First Name Last Name Presenting Design Name Design Notes/Details
Bob Masek No    
Chris Friendshuh No    
Gloria Slomczynski No    
Robert Clark No    
Chris Sellers No    
Dan Rekemeyer No    
Trevor Swaim No    
ashlea santorineos Yes ying & yang 2.1system

 eminence alpha4 and tymphany xt19 in a small vented box

mcm 8″  2421 sub with 2 dayton sd270 pr

nick santorineos Yes honeycombs seas 1217 woofer

dayton rst28a tweeter

five part crossover

Nick Claus Yes TBD  
Mark Sayer Yes SOTUS TMM

Upper woofer sealed

Lower woofer vented

All drivers assembled in the USA

Bill Schwefel Yes The SideTowers Bookshelf sized baffle with 30″ deep cabinet.  I will bring my special speaker stands which have a deep profile for stability.

Crossover is 5 parts.  Drivers are Peerless corundum 25mm and HiVi F6.  Baffle has foam rubber and mortite caulking rope modified facets

that create a “spherical” profile around the tweeter area.   

Tom Scoville Yes The Argas Arga means Late in Greek. Haven’t even started yet. About all I know so far is there will be a 7″ Rival woofer involved and it’ll probably be a small MT floorstander.
Marvin Schaap Yes SST     (Schaap/Sehlin truncated) This design was a coordinated effort built by Marvin with the crossover designed by Scott Sehlin.

Dayton RS150T-8

Airborne RT 4001 Air Motion tweeter

Rich Stessman No    
Scott  Sehlin Yes tbd Bookshelf 3-way with a 3″ Peerless dome mid, 6.5″ Peerless woofer and Peerless DX-20 tweeter.  JP and I will be bringing the same speakers with different crossovers for comparison. 

If that falls through, I will have an alternate speaker to present.

Brad Smith Yes The Novice Hand built drivers with Neo3 tweeter. Maybe bring my OB’s with 21” subs.
Kelly Hart Yes TriTrix TriTrix MTM TL Tower Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair from Parts Express 
Curt  Campbell Yes AviaTrix II Hopefully I can get a pair done in time.
Matthew Vach Yes SubOptimus Big arse monkey coffin anchored with a 15″ woofer.
Jim Holtz Yes Travelers Stand mounted 3-way
Shane Bryant Yes Marvels SEAS Prestige 27TBCD/GB-DXT Tweeter

Rival Acoustics R176-KB-08 Woven Kevlar 7” woofer

Chris Bryant Yes Cherry Blossoms Dual Tymphany NE265W-04 10″ Woofers

Tang Band 75-1558SE 3″ Textile Dome Midrange

Tang Band 28-1582S 1-1/8″ Fabric Dome Tweeter

Ron Erickson Yes NLA #7 Ported 2-way with NLA Peerless 5 1/4 woofer and CSS LD22 tweeter.
Jason Petrasko Yes CALLISTO Vector guide loaded 2″ wavecor full-range atop a Rival R176-CPC coated paper cone woofer. Low crossover, shallow slopes, FAST type design.
Shawn Kipka Yes Versono  
Bryan Keane No    
Craig Salin Yes TBD  
Aniruddha Mandal Yes ? TBD
Johnny Richards Yes